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Parikshak is an Automated Program Grading & Analysis Tool. It allows teachers to conduct programming exams in online mode, auto-evaluates of student programming assignments, gives intuitive feedback to student, and does qualitative analysis of student programs after programming test. This can significantly reduce the load of the faculty, thereby leading to efficient handling of programming assignments/exams.

Salient Features:
  • Online GUI for Administrator, Teacher and Student
  • Supports six programming languages (complied, interpreted, scripting languages) & assembly programming
  • Supports three different problem types:
    • Write the program
    • Fill in the missing snippet
    • Debug given program
  • Provides instant and intuitive feedback to students during and after the test
  • Plagiarism detection of students’ submission
  • Question Banking facility
  • Result Analysis
  • Single IDE for programming in different language
  • Live monitoring of exams & assignment
  • Logging of all student activities including the program code in various stages
Possible Uses:

Teachers can use Parikshak for conducting programming assignments, exams and competition. They can also use this for students’ program analysis and plagiarism detection. Students can use this tool for practice and program testing. Software companies can use this tool to test programming proficiency in their recruitment tests.

Target users:
  • Colleges, Schools, institutions and organizations
  • Teachers, Students, Programmers
  • IT Companies

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